Fred Martin (, Professor and Project PI, UMass Lowell
Lijun Ni (, Assistant Professor and Project PI, University at Albany
Diane Schilder
Diane Schilder (, Project Evaluator, Evaluation Analysis Solutions, Inc.

Pauline White (, Teaching faculty and Project Coordinator for Schenectady City District, Siena College
Foozieh Mir (, Project Manager, UMass Lowell
Hsien-Yuan Hsu (Mark),, Assistant Professor, UMass Lowell

Bernardo Feliciano (, Graduate Research Assistant, UMass Lowell

Gillian Bausch (, Graduate Research Assistant, UAlbany

Brandi Kwong, Superintendent, Methuen Public Schools

Elaine Santelmann (, Coordinator of Science & Social Studies, Lowell Public Schools

Arthur Santos (, Technology Integrations Specialist, District Lead, Lowell Public Schools

Edward Lussier (, Director of Instructional Technology, District lead, Methuen Public Schools
Kathleen Nickerson, Assistant District Director of Educational Equity and Instructional Support, Schenectady City School District


Lowell Teachers:

  • Firas Al-rekabi, Bartlett Elementary School
  • Kara Haas, Bartlett Elementary School
  • Barbara Campbell, Daley Middle School
  • Terence Watterson, Daley Middle School
  • Kevin Joy, Pyne Arts Elementary School
  • Mary Wood, Pyne Arts Elementary School

Methuen Teachers:

  • Patrick Gordon, Comprehensive Grammar School
  • Suzanne Beaupre, Comprehensive Grammar School
  • Kathleen Jeffrey, Marsh Grammar School
  • Stacey Zraket, Marsh Grammar School
  • Amy Foley, Tenney Grammar School
  • David Grondine, Tenney Grammar School
  • Jocelyn Mitchell, Timony Grammar School
  • Mollie Condon, Timony Grammar School

Schenectady Teachers:

  • Adrienna Kudrewicz, Central Park Middle School
  • Nick Zelkowitz, Central Park Middle School
  • Akili-Abdul Duncan, Mont Pleasant Middle School
  • Kevin Dorsey, Mont Pleasant Middle School
  • Jackie Rowen, Oneida Middle School


  • Dr. Joanna Goode, Associate Professor of Education Studies, University of Oregon
  • Dr. Joyce Malyn-Smith, project director at Education Development Corp. (EDC), Waltham, MA
  • Dr. Michael Tissenbaum, Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Lauren Wright, Project Manager for CSforALL’s SCRIPT, New York, NY

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